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Norman Carr - walking with giraffe

The South Luangwa National Park is home to the most fantastic wildlife to be found in Zambia. The park nestled in the Luangwa Valley was founded by Norman Carr and is home to spectacular exclusive safari experiences at lodges in prime locations. Norman Carr is famous for his conservation efforts in Zambia and for his experiences of raising orphan lion cubs being the basis for the book and film “Return to the Wild”. The legacy of this man and his vision is now run by his family who take the greatest pride in giving their guests the ultimate safari adventure.


  • Kapani and Bushcamps:



2013 KapaniKapani is the permanent lodge, accommodating only 20 guests on an exclusive camp by an oxbow lagoon. For a truly special luxury and private retreat, all year round Kapani offers itself as your prime destination.






2013 LuwiLuwi is a seasonal bushcamp on the banks of a lagoon, home to hippos and crocodiles in multitude. The lagoon is a beacon for many species of wildlife and this setting as you dine beneath the stars guarantees an unforgettable safari. For a true wilderness experience, choose Luwi for your walking safari.




2013 NsoloNsolo is a thatched camp of four rooms, lending itself to an authentic African feel for the perfect romantic safari. Bath under the trees and the stars; take in your Zambian surroundings dyour stay beside this busy waterhole.






2013 Kakuli 1Kakuli is a seasonal camp on the banks of the Luwi and Luangwa rivers and a favourite spot for the local hippo population. Divide your time here between a walking and driving safari and allow your experience to be made something truly special at a place reknowned for its game viewing.





2013 Mchenja 1The bushcamp of the “ebony tree”, Mchenga combines the ultimate in luxury safari with true bushcamp location and authenticity. After your safari stays at the other bushcamps choose Mchenga to complete your Zambian experience or stay longer for a true taste of luxury and Africa. Set on the banks of the Luangwa river beneath a grove of trees, you will find that all you seek in exclusive safari is here.




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