ZAMAG Tours and Safaris – Agricultural Tour Operators and Ground Handlers

Dr Michael W Thomas (Director of Education, The California Agricultural Leadership Foundation)

For our program, I set up a unique trip for our participants in a new part of the world each year.  We have specific educational and experiential needs, which require a tour professional who will listen to our requests, rather than dictate to us what we should do.  We have never had a better experience anywhere in the world than we have had with Daphne Lindsay at Zamag Safaris.  Daphne listens until she understands what we want.  Then she finds a way to make it happen.  Daphne hires only the best.  Her colleagues also take time to understand the client’s needs.  The most qualified, knowledgable and accommodating guides I have found (after using several dozen tour guides) are at Zamag.  If our program would allow, I would return to Zambia each year.