ZAMAG Tours and Safaris – Agricultural Tour Operators and Ground Handlers

Graeme Mitchell (Managing Director, Quadrant Australia)

A most sincere thank you for a WONDERFULL pre pre tour, pre tour, General Assembly and post tour.

The whole program was a great organisational and delivery credit to all from your team and run with precision and flair.  I can’t think of anything that didn’t appear to be spot on and if there was then we “mere mortals” knew not the difference between what was delivered and perhaps what was meant.

My tourist highlights apart from every day – Ellie in my bathroom, big game tiger fish but probably the biggest was the steam train dinner back to Livingstone.  It took me back the few years to my childhood.

My agricultural highlights the Pandamegenga Block with Ed Cummings and the Silverlands Ranch project.  That’s not discounting at all the Zambeef or Sable Farms visits.
Great job.