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Offbeat Safaris have 30 years experience and offer incredible riding safaris from mobile tented camps in remote areas. Most of the rides are along the famous Masai Mara and the Northern ranches where game is plentiful. Guides are top horsemen, passionate about Kenya’s wildlife and their top priority is safety.

Terrain varies from black cotton soil interspersed with acacia bush, to short grass plains that are ideal for riding, and you can enjoy a good gallop.

Horses are a mixture of thoroughbreds and thoroughbred crosses, all well schooled, tough and fit. Over a full riding safari you are bound to become attached to your personal mount. Good riding ability is important as you need to be able to gallop and react quickly and safely as you will ride in areas where big game is abundant.

A typical day will be breaking camp in the early morning and enjoying a long ride with lots of game viewing before stopping for lunch. Picnic lunches are carried in saddle bags and after a siesta you will ride on again. You will be amazed on a mobile safari to find that the camp you left early in the morning has been miraculously relocated to a fresh location. After enjoying a well earned bush shower, you can relax by the campfire, reminiscing about an amazing day while Offbeat Safaris tend to your needs with ice cold drinks and a delicious meal cooked on an open fire.

At ZAMAG Tours and Safaris we've had a long relationship with the team from Offbeat, and we've worked together to deliver many amazing experiences. Book your horse safari in Kenya with us.