ZAMAG Tours and Safaris – Agricultural Tour Operators and Ground Handlers

Experience agriculture across Zambia,  Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Botswana...

ZAMAG Tours and Safaris have access to agricultural farming enterprises both in the commercial and small-scale sectors in all the countries we operate in.

…at the hands of people who know it

Our guides are warm and friendly people, with decades of experience in farm tours. Welcoming and knowledgeable, all our visitors are looked after by experienced people who come from an agricultural background.

Each itinerary is customised to suit each group's particular interests, and tours of agricultural enterprises are combined with safaris and other premium destinations within the country.

Our Agricultural Tour Operators International (ATOI) member hosts, Ian and Daphne Lindsay at ZAMAG, have been running agricultural tours for over 30 years, taking guests to well known farms that they have visited. At every farm you’re given a warm welcome and farmers are always delighted to meet colleagues from overseas and share their farming expertise amongst themselves.

Book your agricultural or farm tour of Africa through ZAMAG, and get the benefits of experiencing agriculture and safaris in this part of the world from people who have a deep passion and knowledge for it.