ZAMAG Tours and Safaris – Agricultural Tour Operators and Ground Handlers

Dan Culley (Row Zambezi – Lower Zambezi Coordinator)

Daphne  from Zamag Safaris undertook the logistical organisation of the second leg of the Row Zambezi expedition (the first being the thousand kilometre row from the Angola border to Victoria Falls) which entailed a non-stop row (yes – in three man-sculling boats) through the night of the full length of Lake Kariba followed by a five day row down the Lower Zambezi  from just below Kariba to Luangwa Boma. Nothing was ”off-the-shelf” and each stage required detailed negotiations and timing with complex fuel, support boat and logistical issues. Daphne in every respect was quite superb – the trip could not have happened without her knowledge of the region and the safari operators on the Lower Zambezi. The flexibility and initiative she showed throughout, combined with lightning responses and her phlegmatic and positive approach to “making a plan” whenever another seemingly insurmountable problem arose, made arranging the trip a real pleasure. Zamag Safaris were utterly reliable and there was not a single hitch throughout, which, given the number of parties involved in the whole project was testament to her attention to detail. I would certainly recommend her and indeed Zamag Safaris to anyone .. 5 star rating!

August 2014