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Agricultural Tours in Botswana

ZAMAG Tours and Safaris have been taking guests on farm tours of Botswana for years, showcasing the different approaches used.

A big challenge for farmers in the country is that only 0.7% of Botswana is arable and most of the agriculture is in the eastern region of the country.  This is mainly due to the arid regions of the country and lack of rainfall.

Botswana's farmers tend to grow sorghum and millet for local consumption.

Livestock and cattle raising and grazing is Botswana’s primary agricultural product, with an estimated 2.1 million cattle.  Livestock production exceeds domestic needs and they export beef to the EU and South Africa.

Pandamatenga  is an important cropping area for the country.  Located in the North West of the country bordering Chobe National Park and Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe) some 43,000 ha of rain-fed crops are grown for the local domestic market - including sorghum, millet, sunflower, cow peas, winter maize, and mung peas.

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