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Agricultural Tours in Tanzania

Tanzania agriculture is growing in scale and becoming one of the most important sectors of Tanzania economy, equating to nearly 30% of the country’s GDP and employing almost 75% of the labour force.

The country has a diverse production base that includes livestock, stable food crops and a variety of cash crops.

There has been increase in foreign investment into Tanzania's agriculture and it is a big exporter of coffee, tea, tobacco,  flowers, avocados, horticulture and sisal fibres.

Other agricultural produce from Tanzania include  cotton, bananas, cashew nuts, cattle and sheep, millet, rice, wheat, cassava, beans and spices, most of which are produced by small scale farmers.  Only about 33% of Tanzania’s arable land is used for agriculture.

ZAMAG Tours and Safaris will take you on an agricultural farm tour and show you the diverse farming operations in Tanzania: from the peaks of Meru and Kilmanjaro to the Karatu area. We will then take you on a safari in the incredible Ngorongoro Crater and on to the vast plains of the Serengeti where you can experience the most incredible game viewing!

Guests who have the time can visit the historical town of Zanzibar and visit some of the spice farms or have a relaxing holiday on Pemba Island.

Book your agricultural farm tour in Tanzania through us at ZAMAG TOURS AND SAFARIS.