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Zanzibar & Pemba Island

Beach - Manta Resort

Zanzibar and Pemba Island both form part of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, with shimmering turquoise seas, coral reefs and white sandy beaches.

Meander through the streets of Stone Town on Zanzibar Island, and get a feel for the blend of Swahili and Islamic influences that have shaped life in Tanzania for many years.  More than anything else, Zanzibar is known for its clove plantations, in-shore from the stunning and often deserted beaches, with a range of water sports readily available.

Separated from the Tanzanian coast by the coral reefs and marine life of the Pemba Channel, Pemba Island is home to many clove plantations against the backdrop of it's green hills.



Prison Island - which never actually had a prison on it - is home to Aldabra giant tortoises and is worth a visit.

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