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Kafue National Park

Konkamoya Lodge

Tent 1 and the Lapa

Konkamoya is the only lodge on the Itezhi Tezhi Lake in the South Kafue National Park. Four tents, sleeping only 8 guests, located in a peaceful and remote wildlife reserve. Family tents can be organized, hot water from cast iron boilers, and electricity provided by solar power.

Activities include morning and afternoon guided walks and game drives in comfortable 4x4 vehicles.

On these morning and afternoon expeditions, you will see four of the park's Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, and buffalo) as well as a variety of other animals including cheetah, pangolin, aardvark, and the magnificent wild dog.

The birdlife of Kafue National Park is also spectacular, with an exceptionally diverse list of over 560 species found in the area, including two that are very special to Zambia - the Zambian Barbet (Chaplin's Barbet), which is endemic to the area around the park, and the national bird, the African Fish Eagle.

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