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Recently declared the 1,000th World Heritage Site, the unique Okavango Delta is a horse rider’s Paradise.  With the spread of the floodwaters down into the Kalahari sands, the herds and birdlife follow, and horseback is the perfect place from which to observe them.

This Delta Ride is a lightweight mobile camp which is transported by a flotilla of mekoros (traditional dugout canoes) poled by members of the local community.  Each lightweight tent has standing rooms and is made up of stretcher beds, bucket showers and short drop loos.

When the water levels are too low for the mekoros to navigate, a train of pack donkeys takes over.

Days are spent on horseback, following ancient elephant trails, searching for a variety of wildlife, enjoying the prolific birdlife, and cantering through the recently flooded plains. On the Delta Ride you will get to experience the magnificence of the Okavango Delta and what it has to offer, led by top guides.

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